When we come into this life we have a blueprint of our path we will walk on this earth.  Our spirit came to learn certain lessons and teach certain things.  The day we are born and the day that we die, also has a timeline.  Yet, our biggest fear is death.  Death is nothing to be feared.  It is a natural process of life.  You were born to die.  We need to stop fearing death while we are alive.  First step is just accepting it.  While we are alive we say goodbye to 1000’s of things along the way.  Letting go and death are some of our biggest, most painful problems we face in life.

Every day of your life something leaves you to make room for something new.  If we focus so much on what we lost we never can receive or see the new blessing that has been put in its place.  We walk around this life blinded by fear, stress, depression and worry.  We look straight ahead thinking about what we lost or are afraid of losing.  Open your eyes and look all the way around you.  There is so much more out there.  When we hold pain inside of us we don’t see all the blessings God has put in our path meant for us to see.  We miss it because we are blind with negativity.

Look around everywhere.  Life is there for you to experience but so is death.  Death should be looked at as an achievement.  They came to earth to perform certain things and have accomplished their mission.  Who are you to say they needed to stay longer for you?  They touched lives while they were alive and even through their death they continue to teach us.  Their message stays with us forever.

When we die our spirit immediately leaves our bodies.  Many have claimed they have had an out of body experience and seeing the light on the other side.  Yet, nobody listens to these stories about the beautiful place they went in this transformation.  They survived this to reassure us that life after death is truly heaven and nothing to be feared.  We instead just hold the fear of the “unknown”.

When we die our spirits travel this earth for four days and four nights.  We visit everyone, say good-bye, finish what we came to do in this life and complete our spiritual mission on earth.  I always tell people when a loved one dies that within four days they will come to you and say goodbye.  Most of us are so caught up in our inability to let go and so filled with depression that we don’t even feel them come to us.  They watch you sit and cry and cry and cry and ask WHY?  Seriously, you shouldn’t be crying.  They succeeded in their life and they are in a very beautiful place.  They are the lucky ones.  We on earth have to keep fighting and it is not always a picnic down here.  Anyhow, during the 4 days they are still here.  When you feel them, please understand you are not crazy, what you feel is real.  Talk to them and say all the things you didn’t get to say.  Finish with saying goodbye to them.  Feel the peace and closure in your heart.  Let them go fly with the angels.

One of the reasons the spirit gets “trapped” here and becomes a ‘ghost’ is because the guilt they feel for how much they hurt their loved ones for dying.  They want to stay and take care of you.  Then they miss the door home when it opens.  Stuck here because you couldn’t let go, when you should be celebrating their life and the blessed time you got to have them with you.  Your sadness and inability to let go traps them here.  Let go people!  Let them go HOME!  Let them return and be your guide in life on earth.  You can still talk to them when they are gone.  Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, open your ears and mind.  Shakespeare said, “Feel the pain until it hurts no more.”  Allow yourself to feel it but learn to let it go and release it for healing.

Other reasons we choose not to follow the light HOME is because we have lost our faith.  When we lose our faith we just ignore the light because we do not believe in it.

Addictions to alcohol, pharmaceuticals, heroin, and meth are deaths of empty souls. They do not leave either, unless they found God before they died.  Usually their soul is gone to the addiction and evil taking them over.  Suicidals rarely ascend because of course they totally lost faith, unless their soul came to teach people a lesson.  Another reason souls stay is because they are greedy and cannot leave their possessions.  This is much more common with people of wealth.  As humans they worked so hard for everything and are obsessed with it.  The soul wants to protect it and watch over it.  Leaving them trapped here.  However, after you die they sell it off or divide it up.  You lose it anyway and stay for nothing.  This obsession is stronger than the will to go HOME.  It’s so sad when materialistic things are more important than going home to be with God.  Another reason is they want the truth of something to come out.

Unfortunately, there are all different reasons why some souls become ‘ghosts’.  Now you can see the main reason we don’t follow the light HOME is because we can’t let go.  Think about that in your present life now and let go of what is no longer worth holding on to.  Free yourself from hanging on to everything so tightly.  At some point everything will leave us or we will leave it.  It’s a natural process of life.  If you happen to come upon a ‘trapped soul’, do not be scared.  But if you are in the presence of difficult ghosts, call someone who is a paranormal expert that can help you.  Most of the time when you have a ghost around, you do not need to fear it.  They trust in you to guide them.  Ask them why they are still here.  Ask them how you can help them get HOME.

When my dad died there was so much I wanted to tell him and I wished I could have spent more time with him.  Time can’t come back or change.  I wanted to thank him for being my father and loving me.  When I was at his funeral, the one thing I learned was he had NEVER told anyone I was not his child.  Everyone thought I was his real daughter.  It was the most loving thought I have had in my life to know his love for me.   We are always so good at not appreciating people until they are dead throughout most of our lives.  Say what you feel, because you never know when they are going to leave you.  Live with no regrets, show your love and appreciation always.

Six months after his death I finally was able to face it again.  I had such a strong desire to tell him thank you for loving me, standing beside me, and about all the beautiful things he brought to my life.  So I decided to try meditation and this was something I had never done before.  I did a guided meditation to meet a dead loved one.  I opened my mind and just let all my thoughts go.  My Dad came and sat with me on a big log at the beach of a lake I live by.  I told him everything I wanted to say.  He told me many things about us, then me, also my sisters and my brothers.  When I told my sister what happened and the part about her, she said “You did talk to him.  Only he and I know about that, no one else.”  It was complete confirmation of what I’d seen and heard was real.

So if you have regrets, questions, or miss them, just call upon them.  But do not selfishly hang on when they die.  God and that person had a contract.  You may not think it is fair.  But it was the choice between their soul and God.  Celebrate their life!  My Dad gave me the tools to survive.  He taught me to always smile, love everyone, help everyone, never say a bad word about anyone, give everyone the biggest hugs, and dance with everyone you can.  What beautiful gifts he gave me to survive my life.

Our lives are so much more than we can ever imagine.  We are not just a person.  We are a soul.  We look at each person as who they are.  We never stop and try to understand that they are a soul with a purpose.  Stop judging others because of their behaviors and personalities.  We are all here for a purpose and most of the time we don’t even know it.  So please do not judge another.  Disconnect yourself from the personality or ego of that body and realize there is a “soul” in there with lessons for us.

Nobody’s lessons are the same either.  It is so much deeper than we can ever comprehend.  Furthermore, it is one of the most important things we must remember when another person dies.  They physically left this earth, yes.  When we can’t see or touch them, we believe they have left us forever.   When in fact, they left teachings and messages all throughout their lives.  They are a soul that can help guide you forever.  A person is never truly dead until the last person on earth stops thinking about them.

  ~Don’t grieve!  Anything you lose comes round in another form. ~Rumi

The most difficult loss to get over is the death of a child.   The first things that come to every mind is why?, not fair, and too young.  It is the hardest grieving process when a mother and father lose their child.  Everyone looks at it as a complete tragedy.  It suffocates the parents’ lives and it can divide them because their pain comes out on each other.  Honestly, that is the only person who understands how they feel.  Everyone around them suffers in this horrible pain and it destroys everything when they allow it to get out of control.  You must remember it is a soul with a purpose whether their life is only for a few minutes, 18 years or 100 years old.

I am going to take this time to explain one of those stories about how a small body, but big soul, had a HUGE message.  It is my dream that millions will read this and hear her story.

My 11 month old niece died because she went to the doctor for an earache.  The doctor treated her with an adult dosage of medication.  It killed this beautiful, loving child to go to the doctor.  It was a tragedy!  I witnessed the pain it brought to everyone around me.  However, after the pain cleared from my heart, I could see how her short little life carried a big huge message.  Maybe more than my family will ever see.  Now I will share it with you because I loved her and I care about you.

Doctors are human and all humans make mistakes. By now we all know that is a part of life. Doctor error creates higher deaths than you can ever imagine. About 300,000 a year at least are killed by doctor error. We need MADD. Mothers Against Damn Doctors. Drunk driving only kills less than 5,000 a year. Now after her death I am so careful. I thoroughly check out anything that is given to my children. I look up the amount that should be taken and what is the drug. I look it up if I have not heard about it before. I took control of what the doctor puts into my child’s body. We just take the doctor’s word for it and take it. We never question it. People just trust their entire lives with a doctor. We never research the history of the drug, the amount that should be given or what the effect it could have on us or our beautiful children. We just give it or take it.

Please keep this in mind. You never know you could save a life and it only takes a minute to educate yourself on what is going into your child’s body and yours. Another thing I always research is a natural healing first. I believe God gave us all the things we need in nature to heal ourselves and survive on this planet. Some things are too big and do need a doctor’s care, but don’t hesitate to look up an alternative natural way. So many healing plants are right in your grocery store and they work. Educate yourself.

Now you can see her message. Her beautiful soul came to teach this lesson. That is a HUGE lesson to teach people!!! We cannot keep ourselves connected to the physical body. We need to understand it was God’s wish for her to perform this teaching. When we dry the tears we can begin to see how very, very powerful their life was. It may be a tiny body or very young adult, but they have a message. Look now at how many lives she will touch with her short visit on earth. Parents who have lost a child please remember one thing for me. Those souls chose you because you were qualified. You should feel honored to have such an enormously powerful soul who choose you to be their parent. Let go and the message or messages will come of what their soul came to teach. We cannot see the blessing that soul came to give us if we cannot end our pain to receive them.

We also need to look at the pain from losing a child. What I am going to say could also be used in the death of anyone we hang on to and the effects it has on others. As for now I will be talking about losing a child. When we lose a child we inflict this pain on everyone and most of all, on our other children. Every birthday, holiday, or big event in life, we always wish they were with us. This is bringing much unneeded sadness over the entire moment. It forces the other kids to regret being the one that lived.

Especially, when a twin or a multiple dies do you see this happening the most. The living twin/multiple has to survive under the constant reminder of the one that is no longer with us. We are filled with deep, blinding pain because they were not there for the 1st day of school, birthdays, prom, graduation, marriage and having their 1st baby. We constantly surround every life event with sadness because they should be here at this moment also.

It is a horrible pain and burden we place on the other child/children. We punish them with our inability to let go and make every event a negative energy for them. The other child/children become filled with guilt and shame because these life events cause so much pain to the people they love. We punish them for being alive without being aware of it. The life that was taken from you is a soul. Be grateful for what you do have. Love it with all the love you would have given the child you lost. You know that your baby’s soul is flying with the angels. Your ego told you that you’d be safer if you remembered your past pain. Yet the truth is, that any suffering held in your awareness, magnetically attracts more of the same.

When my niece died twelve years ago she also left me with another very intense lesson. Two days after her death I was laying in my bed with my 15 month old daughter. She ran out of my bedroom into the living room where all of her toys were. Suddenly, I could hear her laughing. It sounded like she was playing with someone. My daughter was giggling and talking.

However, nobody was in our house except the two of us. A very strong voice came into my head and said “It is your niece and she has come to say goodbye.” So I froze! I thought maybe I had gone a little crazy. Yet, I could hear my daughter having fun and playing with her. I decided to just leave them alone and let it happen. After about 20 minutes of her soul being with us, my daughter came back to my room. She had a gigantic smile and pure happiness in her heart. She kept repeating my niece’s name over and over. I knew it had really happened. Our souls do fly when we die and come back us to say goodbye. Everything about death changed inside me at that moment. Only the physical self goes.

Now when someone I love dies I do my best to remain open to them coming to me. When I feel their presence. I tell them everything I needed to. I say my goodbyes and appreciation to them. Then I tell them how to get HOME. I am going to tell you also. Please never forget this. Hopefully you can drop all your fears about dying and where you go.

After we have traveled for 4 days and nights finishing our mission on earth, a light will appear in the south. Do NOT worry! You will not miss this if you are aware. You as a soul have the freewill to follow that light that is a trap to soul recycling, follow the path HOME, stay trapped in between because of a fear of leaving or no faith. Follow that PATH and walk through the beautiful doorway HOME. Once I have said that to them, I tell them to go HOME. I tell them they will do us no good here trying to help us. We will get through it. They need to go HOME so they can be our guiding angel. Go fly with the angels beautiful soul, fly!

~Death of those we love comes to us as a tragedy. The real tragedy is what dies inside of us while we are still alive because we are blinded by pain and fear. ~ Natalie Newman

We also need to start praying the correct way for people who ARE dying. When a tragedy happens or a disease infests our loved ones, the first thing we do is ask everyone to pray for them to heal. We send this prayer out in masses. First of all, we need to remember that everyone has a time to go. We keep them on life support, drugged up or full of chemo long after it is humanly correct because we cannot let them go. Seriously, would you want to live like that? You can heal them of their cancer but they still have a date. They will get hit by a bus or something else. You cannot change the time.

We need to pray for them and their families. Ask for God to bring comfort and peace to the situation. Surround the situation with love. Then let God take control. Never pray for an outcome. You are placing expectations on the situation. You could be asking for something that is not in their Divine Plan with God. Just ask God to help them through, fill them with comfort and do what is best for their soul’s path. If they are supposed to survive the tragedy they will.

I have had the angels poking me to tell you also, that it is best to pray to God and the angels. Most souls are coming to earth at this moment to be a part of this amazing time in human history and the evolution of this planet. I can tell you one thing, I have many dead souls nudging me to talk to their loved ones to change something so they can come back to earth. That is why our population is growing so fast. Everyone wants to be here now. If you ask for them, you may feel them come to you. But, I do not want to give anyone false hope that they are talking to a soul that has already come back again. So know they are not ignoring you up there, many are already back here in another body.

In October my Irish friend’s soul came to me and told me he was coming back as human. He prepared me for it and told me when. I spent the day with him, he gave me many messages, and I felt him leave me for the last time. I know exactly what day and time he was born. I also know where. He told me that one day we will see each other and I will call out his name when I meet the person who is him in human form again. I will recognize his soul immediately.

Death is not the end my friend. The blessing is eternal and their message will be with you forever. So please, live while you are here, love everyone as much as you can and forgive others. Learn to let go of them with love and faith. You have no idea when loved ones will be taken from you, so enjoy your time with them. Do not fear death, embrace it as you embrace birth. It is a beautiful process of your life on Mother Earth. It by no means is the end. Just another chapter in our journey as a soul. Everyone on earth is here to do something to teach a lesson or project a message. Everyone is here to do something big, even if it is after they die we receive it.

You could be a mother, a teacher, an animal rescuer, volunteer, counselor, a friend or anything else that involves helping another or someone. It does not have to be something extremely big, but everything we do has a big meaning to it. Everyone is here to touch the lives of others in some way. Stop and ask your soul what your job is here on earth. You will hear the message. I heard my message at 15 years old that I was going to help as many people as I possibly could heal from their pain because I understood it. I lived through it. I never allow anything to get in the way of what my soul came to do. I have a job and I will succeed in accomplishing it by writing this book to help others survive. Then I will continue on with whatever steps God guides me to next.

It is all more than you can see when you look at a physical body. Find your purpose and when you do, your heart will know it. Do not regret never knowing what your soul came to do. Find your path and do it well. Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.

~Love the people God gave you because he will need them back someday.

~ Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” ~ Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx

~Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body. But rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out shouting, “Holy shit… What a ride.”

~Honor those that have walked before you, for it is the path you will learn from.

~HEAVEN- Don’t miss it for the world.

~Life always hands you a second chance. It is called tomorrow. Be grateful for it!

~ I am grateful for the nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, dreams that turned into reality, likes that turned into loves, and everyone who crossed my path along the way, no matter how long they stay. ~ Natalie Newman

~Whatever life may bring you, just thank God for the opportunity to be alive. ~Natalie Newman


Thank you so much for reading. I love you!

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