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I am an active army of many who runs the risk by the elite to activate the truth. There has been a war for your human soul. I am here to activate what is needed for you to remember who you are. I came to this earth to heal humanity, to teach truth, to teach how to pray, and to activate the knowledge that is buried within you.

The people around me thought I was crazy. They thought I should subdue to what the brainless sheep are doing. It was to the point that I had to cut myself from humanity completely. My journey has been difficult. I have been tortured, I have had spells cast on me through witchcraft, I have had evil, demon spirits attach themselves onto me and they have suspended me in complete darkness for an unknown amount of time. They tried this pull my soul directly out of my body because of the information that I know. The Creator has taken care of me and taught me how to overcome these situations many humans face without knowledge of why their lives are so fucked up.

Truth is eternal. It has always been there. However, it has been stolen and it is has been manipulated. Most human beings do not have the time, patience or the resources to study the things that I’ve studied to piece together the puzzle of human history and how we got here. I don’t even really want to do this. I gave up everything and was ridiculed by everyone. I was called an escape artist by the State. I was humiliated by my peers for doing what I do because, only I understood. My children grew up in a home of poverty because those were a part of my vows to accomplish what I needed to learn.

I can’t tell people what I do because people get killed every day for what I do. My children lived in fear that the knowledge I had would get me killed and begged for me not to go public. My children are all now teens and spirit says I must step forward with the information I have learned. Spirit will guide me in the order of what they want you to learn.

However, because I am not a corporate slave, I am looked at like I am a fucking loser. I have studied the past of humanity back billions of years and I have been to the future where it is a completely DEAD planet because of our ignorance. Every day for ten years I have cried because of what has been done to the beautiful humans and all of nature on the planet Earth for greed and evil.

I learned from evil, darkness, the fake light, the light and the Creator Source. If you don’t know your enemy, how can you fight it? I was sent to be the eye for the Universe to monitor humanity on all sides of this planet. Through social media I monitored the levels of energy both good and bad. I watched the entire human consciousness shift on Dec 21, 2012. I was asked to overlook the one million light workers to make sure they were connecting and sending out the right message. (Which I watched most of them became dark not even know it.) I watched people start to open their minds to the fact that maybe things are not as they think things are and maybe government is corrupt. I have hidden myself for a decade in my home learning, working and writing.

I love you. You are reading this because I have called upon you or because someone you love cared enough to send this to you. But whoever you are, wherever you are, I want you to know I LOVE YOU! It is because of you and your families that I do this every day. I believe in you. You are very special part of saving this world. I bet you never knew that. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this. YOU are here to change the world sweetheart and I am going to teach you as I was taught.

You have to know your enemy. You do not even know they have stolen your soul. I have not lost faith yet. I believe in you, the person reading this right now. We can have an amazing life if we just rip off these shackles from our hands and feet. The entire Universe is watching you right now. Look up, and look around and say hello. The entire Universe has been patiently waiting for you.

You have been asleep for a long time. You were living in a dream. Look around again. Nothing is real. Everything is an illusion and you own nothing, not even your body or soul. Reality is not a beautiful thing to wake up to. It would be way better to close your eyes and go right back to the dream you were just having about who you are as a living person on this planet. The person who eats, drinks, socializes works and lives this crazy fantasy, or nightmare, you have created called your life. That is not real. It’s your ‘Personality’ or as I call it my ‘persoNatalie’.

~If you have to have someone else make decisions for you how can you call it freedom?

~If you tell them a lie enough times they will believe it. ~ Adolf Hitler

“There is something behind the throne greater than the King himself.”~ 1770- Sir William Pitt, House of Lords

The first thing I am going to say is this, EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IS A LIE! I will shake you to the core many times. But, that is what you need. You need to come out of the mental entrapment you have been brainwashed into believing. Ten Years ago I made a vow to the creator to help humanity and help to awaken the world. I was given all the information of the past, present and future of our planet. Most of it was unbelievably shocking to me.

Now these are the things that keep you trapped. You hold onto it like its truth. You are the civilization of the ‘great falling away’. So, life kicked your ass to give your warrior soul strength and courage. YOU SURVIVED! That was biggest show of courage. You made it. Pat yourself on the back. All that hell wasn’t for nothing. It was school. It was teaching you emotion, interrelationships, faith and who you are. You were never a failure. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your teachings and need for change. Shit happened, let go and forgive it. Now, you are moving on to something greater. You are moving on to a life of energy and knowledge. You will create a life of love and power. You will be creating the future and a connection to your beautiful soul.

What are you working your job for?

Why did you have kids?

Why do you protect whatever is supposedly yours? I am referring to your home, car, personal belongings, and your family?

You are the most important tool. The Universe needs you. I can’t stand to watch you suffer anymore. When you hurt, I hurt, because we are all connected. I need you. Look into your heart. You are here to do a job. The daydream is over and its time to be the warrior of change you came here to be. You chose to come here but, you forgot why. This is your phone call from the Universe telling you that you start work immediately. You got the job you applied for. You have been hired to save the planet. Welcome to the team! It is my great pleasure to have you on our side.

There is a battle of the mind, YOUR mind. It is a battle of the soul, YOUR soul. It is a battle for life, YOUR life. You have fought so hard in your dream to have everything you have right now. You have suffered so greatly, not because you did wrong. If you would have known better, you would have done better.

I took a long hard look at the world. What is fuckin wrong with humans? Why do we have to live in poverty? Why so much war? Why are our rights being taken away? Why are we so sick? Why do we die so soon? Where did it all start? What is the truth about religion, politics, food, water, chemicals, mind control, the chip, Jesus, banks, government, disease, global warming, and what is the truth about human history on this planet and for that fact what the fuck IS the history of this planet? Why are we so prejudice against each other?

It is no mistake you are guided to read this because; the higher power within you sent you to my words. No mistake! With this knowledge I am giving you, you have a responsibility to teach, to spread truth, to love and to end the enslavement of the human species by a small number of evil entities running the entire planet. Don’t just take my word for it. I am giving you the tools. Now go study the fuck out of it for yourself. Don’t be a zombie, because the real zombie apocalypse is the unawakened humans on this planet.

You are here to learn, share and be one unified love. That is your job here. No borders! No bullshit! You have been so brain washed it will make you sick. LITERALLY! But that is what is needed to be awakened to the truth of who you are and why you are on this planet at this very moment. You have been sent to my teachings to reactivate your soul’s memory to what it already knows. I am just your kick in the ass.

The world already has, America, and all eyes are on you. According to the world. USA you are the stupid kid in the class and you get an F. YOU FAILED!

I am cracking codes and deprogramming you. My heart is with you as you read the untold truth. However, it is one hell of a story. It is drama, scandal, murder, war, lust, greed, romance, evil, rebellion, magical, criminal, hateful, powerful, destructive, bloody, creative, brilliant, demonic, racial and heroic.

I have taught many, whom thought I was fucking bat shit crazy, until they did their own homework and found I was right. I have watched the butterfly effect of my work go on and on. It is the only gratification I have being an anonymous teacher. I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want to keep it in anymore but I was forced to until this moment. I have exactly 15 books written that take you through the darkest of hours, the harshest lessons I was taught, and the evil that is real. I have sung with angels, I have partied with darkness and I danced with the Satan, literally. Which by the way I laughed at him and made him blush.

I have no fear of anything spiritual. I know I am sovereign, I know I am free; I know magic of every level both good and evil. However, I never use it because of the consequences that you must endure and the sacrifices you must give. I know who I am as a soul. I work in very high level dimensions. I will first teach you human history and then I will teach you spiritual history. Until you know, you can’t change anything.

You are hypnotized under mind control which is not your fault until this very moment. Your reality is here. You are not a victim; you have made YOURSELF a victim by will of ignoring the truth. You are content with letting evil run your life and you do absolutely nothing to change it. Yet, you complain about it constantly. Understanding is not the end of the game. Action is required for it to be manifested. I can only give you the key to free your mind and unlock your own prison you are living in. People want to run away at a million miles an hour rather than work on themselves.

I am NOT going to lie to you about telling yourself every fucking day to say positive affirmations and shit will magically change or appear, that is the new age lie. They truly don’t understand themselves and how laws of attraction work. The secret is that there is no secret; it is all in plain sight. They just want you to accept, observe and watch while they charge you for something that is already within you. The new age requires work, effort, reading, listening, researching and it requires a lot of TIME. There is no immediate gratification. The only way you are going to get well is to have the knowledge of what caused the effect of where we are at this moment. Then you have the tools to heal yourself and not have to pay these liars or some psychologist who read it from a book, or a doctor who is just a paid drug dealer prescribing you anything just to make a dollar.

~WE must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees. ~ Qwatsinas

~You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one; each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle. ~ Paulo Coelho

~Tell the children the TRUTH. ~ Bob Marley

~To be blind is bad, but worse is to have eyes and not see. ~ Helen Keller

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No More Bullshit

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  1. You are correct love is light and we need to be light God is like and if any of the b******* is true my archetype is Sage my life path number is 22 Satan is real God is taking me out many times to play I haven’t been a very fast learner hopefully with your help that will change I don’t have any money so I can’t purchase your books God will make a way for me to have them or the knowledge in them and I thank God for sending you to me it was meant to be Light and LOVE


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