My Last Words to You

Why Butterflies and Bullshit?  Because life is both beautiful and full of shit at the same time.  It is all how you choose to handle it.  People bullied, tortured, beat, raped, kidnapped, and molested me.  I never stopped believing.  God took my hand, forced me up and gave me the strength to keep fighting.  People told me I am nothing.  What they did not understand is who I really am.

I never forget I chose this life exactly the way it is now.  It was the journey my soul came to walk.  I have now come to realize life is all just a show.  My movie of life!  You need to look at life like a movie and you are the star of your own show.  God orchestrated everything for you.  You must decide if you want it to be a drama, nightmare, or comedy.  I created mine to be The Natalie Newman Show- an inspirational, romantic, love-filled comedy with intense suspense.

We are all here to experience everything.  It is exactly what you dream your movie to be.  You keep thinking it is a bad movie and it will continue to remain that way.  You really came to laugh and embrace every moment as experience.  You came to enjoy each experience of your life good and bad.  You came to feel it.  So let is swim around your head.  Say hi to it and have faith in your heart you are going to get through it.  Tomorrow is another day.  You just have this moment right now.  So what are you thinking and doing right now?

We as humans are here to experience and feel emotions.  They are very powerful.  You have the right to feel all of your emotions.  They are a part of your being.  Don’t fight them, feel them.  Cry, scream and get it out of you.  Without these emotions you cannot change.  Stop fighting yourself.  Your soul is always speaking to you.  If you don’t listen to the message it will become a problem.  Then the problem continues to grow as you surround it with negativity.  Next, you have a complete internal crisis.

You need to listen and quiet your mind to hear what you need to do.  Let your emotions guide you to change.  But handle it with love and allow it to heal what is inside.  Be honest and don’t hide your feelings.  You have the right to take off the mask and be a human with emotions.  By facing these experiences with gratitude, we become the strongest.  Then, these problems will just go away

Let life rain on you.  Some days it feels like the storm will never end.  But just like nature, the skies always clear and the sun shines again.  Life should never be something to fear.  You have what you need to survive every moment.  Every moment is building you into a better you.  Dance in the rain!

Do you want to experience magic like me?  Then stop holding on to bullshit forever and creating unnecessary suffering for yourself.  You are not here to suffer.  You have created that reality for yourself.  Trust me, God gives you magic every day.  You just need to open your eyes and see YOU ARE ALREADY BLESSED.

~Life gets messy!  Keep calm and say FUCK IT!  You don’t have to continue to drag yourself through the bullshit.  FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET!  You’re just standing around smelling it and feeling sorry for yourself.  When you flush the shit that weighs you down, you heal.  Let it go!  That is when magic happens! ~ Natalie Newman

No matter how shitty life gets, remember, you chose to be here for this Earth changing moment on the planet.  What it comes down to is this, we are all doing the best we can in each moment given to what is available to us.  If we could have performed better, we would have, and it’s as simple as that.  We often wonder how things could have been different in hind sight, but the point is to learn from the past and adjust our direction in this moment, not to dwell with judgment.  Just keep moving on.  You have a job to do here.  Every one of you is there to love.  You are all here to help create peace on this planet and change the history of the human race.  Get your shit together and do what your soul came to do.

Your love will destroy the dark, evil souls and they won’t be able to do bad things anymore.  Evil will be stopped in its destructive path of killing, controlling, hurting and creating fear into more people.  You are responsible for this.  You agreed to come onto this planet and help.

     ~One by one the darkness will teach the light.  One by one the light will illuminate the darkness.  We will all unite with love.  LOVE RULES ALL!!! ~Natalie Newman

Sit in silence for 30 seconds every day and love yourself, then the love entire earth.  That is all you have to do.  Don’t tell me you don’t have 30 seconds to help save the world.  YOU DO!

You have the gift of life. Surround every moment with love and faith.  Watch your outcomes change to positive.  Your life will open to something very beautiful.  Your problems will get lighter and lighter.  See each shitty moment as a moment to grow.  Don’t fear anything and love your enemy it helps them.  The only true thing you have to fear, is yourself.  If you’re stressed, worried, angry, sad or scared, then you are filled with a fear you don’t want to face.  The only person you have to blame is yourself.  It is all in your own head.  God has the greatest humor if you really look at it closely.  Happy people are happy because they don’t have fear.  They face it, laugh at it and learn from it.  That is how you get happy.  Just forgive yourself and start over.  Just keep trying your best.

     ~Meaning of life- Live, Laugh and Love!  Nothing but positive comes from it.

What you say every day can change a life, so be positive not negative.  Would you rather help someone or fuck up their day because you can’t get your life straightened out?  How unfair to everyone around you?  Smile, say Hi, be nice and the world will return the favor.  You receive what you put out.  If you have nothing, means you are giving nothing.

This last holiday season I clearly observed how this is a time of gifts, love and enchantment.  A wonderful time of sharing, appreciation and relationships with others.  Imagine if we could live like that every day.  Imagine a world of sharing.  Be willing to give as well as receive.

Remember karma in all your deeds.  When you give you will receive twice in return, but in many different ways that you need.  When you open your heart the world responds with gifts and appreciation.  Riches do not come in the form of materialistic things, but in the form of love.  Love is the greatest gift you can give anybody.  Open your heart to those less fortunate.  Show your appreciation to those who need you and give every day.  Not just on a holiday.

Nobody is perfect and nobody deserves to be.  Nobody has it easy and everybody has issues.  Yet, everyone is perfectly themselves.  We can only understand what we know.  You never know what people are going through.  People change for two reasons.  Either they have learned enough and they want to.  Or they have been hurt enough, they have to.

So pause before you start judging, criticizing or mocking others.  Everybody is fighting through their own unique war.  What makes you so much better?  Help them, don’t hurt.   This is your awakening.  It is no mistake that you were guided to read this book for a reason.  Because your soul is ready to move into your higher self and begin to heal yourself.  It hurts my heart to see others hurt.  I gave my life to God.  I gave my life to helping and healing the world.  I gave up my life so you could learn these lessons.  I lived this life so you could live your life easier.  I never regretted it for one second and I pay a very high price too.

This book was written by me yes, but these words were taught to me by many.  I was taught knowledge from some of the most wonderful, powerful people on this earth and all the unseen souls around me.  I take my ideas and blessings and use them to help as many people as possible all over the world.  I believe if you are blessed with extra you should take that and give to bless others.  That will create more blessings to come to you.

I am just going to celebrate life dancing and laughing every day.  Life is way too funny to be taken seriously.  I absolutely love my life.  So what if I don’t have any money.  Every day is worth a million to me.  I work hard, play hard, fuck hard, love hard, party hard and live fast.  But that is exactly the way I love it.  I have had more fun than 500 people did in their lifetime combined.  I may be crazy, but all the best people are.  I think it is better to have people think you are crazy and be remembered, then have people think you are normal and be forgotten.  Well behaved women rarely make history.

Butterflies and Bullshit is a tool to help heal your mental and emotional health.  Over half of the people who I let read this book before publishing it to the public, tell me they carry it with them EVERYWHERE they go.  They say it has a healing energy and when they have a question, the book opens to the answer they need.  When I wrote this book I prayed every day to God, Mother Earth and the Angels for them to pass healing energy to everyone who touches my book.  When that book becomes yours, it takes on your energy and your healing needs.  So it is best to keep your personal copy with you.  Others can purchase their own.  It has been blessed through 1000’s of hours of prayer for you.  Keep your energy with it.  Also, I do not want to sell it EBook, but sadly I have to. Plastic, electronic frequencies and metal will steal the energy from it because they are not natural products.  Paper is of Mother Earth and God.  Their energy grew that tree it is printed on.

After almost three years of intense researching and being taught from people all over the world, I started my next book called “Naturally Natalie.”  It is about healing your physical self.  This is the next step in your journey to healing you.  I will teach you how to heal 100% naturally with your mind, your body and with what is available to us every day.  Most of our pain and disease comes from our mental and emotional health.  God gave us everything we need to survive.  Drug companies have trained us we need a pill for everything.  I will prove the opposite.  I went through an incredible journey of healing my unhealthy physical body.  I spent over a month experiencing many horrible sicknesses, fever of 105F, and terrible pain.  My internet was off for two months on this journey.  I only had angels, nature and my body telling me how to heal each separate illness.  I should be finished with this incredible book on healing your beautiful body sometime in Summer 2016.  So be watching for it.  It is unlike any healing book you have ever read.

Also I have started writing my next book called “The Beauty and the Bullshit.” This book is the next journey in my non-stop life.  It is the incredible road to my higher self.  The lessons are still coming fast.  Once again it is filled with more amazing lessons and earth shattering pain.  Life has opened in so many different ways.  I have so much more knowledge I want to share with you, but I can only write so much in one book.  It was hard to end this book because I wanted to say so much more.  So I just kept writing the day I finished Butterflies and Bullshit.  This book should be available spring 2016.

Next, for four years I studied skin care.  I wanted something that was completely 100% natural.  I have extremely sensitive skin and cannot use anything products on it.  When I started researching for the book ‘Naturally Natalie’ I could not put those chemicals on my skin one day longer.  Skin is your largest organ and we cover it with harmful chemicals.  These chemicals cause disease and are toxic to us.  We are absorbing them into our body every day.  I had the world to teach me what they use on their skin.  I took this knowledge and created a 100% natural plant and mineral skin care line from the finest oils and salts on earth.  I also created 100% natural plant supplements to help you heal many issues we face with our health.  Throw those pills away and heal naturally.  Of course it is called “Natural Natalie”.

Also, I will be launching Natalie’s Garage Internet Radio stations.  I am already famous all over the world for mixing tunes and have doing it since I was a teen.  First radio station will be all my favorite, fun, happy, dance music.  The second will be my awesome rock music collection and the third radio station will be Natalie Talk Radio where I will open my conversations with myself and others about everyday challenges and surviving them.

My next dream is that I will be opening shelters for abused women and children. I have 19 different countries ready for me to begin with desperate need for their women and children.  Most countries have NOWHERE for them to go. The profits from my books and skin care will be used to build and operate healing shelters for women and children of abuse in many cities.  These shelters will be teaching woman how to love themselves so they can stand on their own, with their children and stop the vicious cycle of abuse. Our children deserve better lives and they are the true focus of everything I do.

Please go to my website and you will find everything happening in my world.  I have a donation button if you would like to help support me and my cause to helping the women and children of this world have better lives away without abuse.   Your donation is greatly appreciated!  Also, half of the profits of this book are donated to the people I help.  I am not selling this to get rich.  I am selling it to help others in as many ways as I can.

FINALLY, I finished the long awaited butterfly video.  It is the story about my connection to the butterflies, my pictures and videos that I took while they were with me.  It is an amazing and an incredible window to see butterflies like you never seen before.

Plus, I have started my own publishing company and I will be helping others get their books printed and out into the world.  So much more will be coming soon.  Just keep checking my website.

I just want to say thank you for taking your time to read my story.  I hope you learn something from it.  I also want you to know that this is my opinion and my lessons.  The quotes have been taken from everywhere.

Now, I am going to take it to a whole new level for the second half of my life.  I am going to wrap myself around the world, with love and celebrate life with everyone I can.  The earth is my dance floor.  This moment is my party and I am going to celebrate me, right now.  Celebrating life is appreciating all that you have and having faith through each moment.  I know God’s plans for me are bigger than my dreams.

All my life I wanted others to see me for who I really am.  But in reality, I was the one who really needed to see it.  I know I don’t have to be perfect.  Just be myself because that is what I came here to do.  I am extremely intense, yet very calm.  I am completely crazy and incredibly sane.  I am wild out of control, but filled with peace.  I am highly emotional and very in tune with every one of my emotions.  I love being with people, yet would love to spend a year all by myself.  I am in your face and super shy.  I am amazingly powerful but yet very fragile.  I am extremely complicated and very simple.  I am everything.

I have been guided by many, but not solved by any.  Sometimes I am good and then I’m very, very good.  Sometimes I am really bad and I can be downright Naughty.  But I love me for everything I am and that is freedom.  Freedom is power.  Power is to live a life untamed without fear of the unknown with faith.  I am living the true fairytale love because the entire time, it was inside me.  My love and relationship with myself is the fairytale I searched for all my life.  I know I will survive anything.  I love ME!  I fell in love with myself.  It’s the best fucking relationship in my life.   My journey is just getting started.  The sky is the limit and I have wings.

I am praying for you all.  Sending you peace, love and hugs my dear friends.

~ Those who don’t feel this Love pulling them like a river,
those who don’t drink dawn like a cup of spring water
or take in sunset like supper,
those who don’t want to change,
let them sleep.  ~ Rumi


Dear Universal Creative Energy,

I thank you for giving me the strength to complete the task you have trusted in me to fulfill.  Thank you for guiding me through it all, to survive the painful challenges and obstacles I have encountered throughout this path of my life. 

Thank you for remaining beside me and keeping my heart filled with laughter and faith.  Thank you for the signs throughout my life to uplift me and continue my battle to succeed in what my soul came to do.  Thank you for your protection and for holding me close in my darkest hours.

Thank you for the friendships and love I have received along the way to entertain and lighten my painful lessons.  Please forgive me for the bad choices and any wrong I have done.  I also thank you for any good I have performed.  I hope I make you proud.

Thank you for trusting in me to live this life and giving me the honor of working for you.  I have fought the best I could.  I have won and I kept my faith in you through each step I have taken.  Now this part of my life’s journey is over.  Please help me to continue my studies and walk my path according to your plan for me. 

I give you this book as a tool to help others.  Through me your words have been spoken.  I surrender and release the outcome of its journey to you. 

Thank you for helping me to learn to love myself.  Thank you for showing me to love and trust in you.  My life I give to you.  Please hear my prayers.  Thank you!

~by Natalie Newman

Thank you so much for reading. I love you!

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