Chapter 2- Numb and Dumb is How They Want you

When the pain ended so did my heavy drinking.  The more I healed the less I drank.  I can have fun without it.  I drank almost every day of my life for 14 years before I got pregnant with my first child.  I am a professional party animal.  But, it just really has no purpose for me anymore.  I am not saying I completely quit and won’t go out 4-5 times a year with friends.  I am not saying I will not have a one or two parties a year in my garage.  I just see now how ugly it really is throughout my life and through the lives of everyone around me.  Everyone is affected by alcohol in some way.  Most people drink around their children showing them out of control behavior is a good thing.  I will never be drunk and out of control in front of my children.  They deserve a better me that is in control.  Nobody makes good decisions when they are drunk.  I want to be in control of myself and my life at all times.  My life is already out of control enough as it is.

Drinking makes me do dumb things.  Yes, it was fun almost every time.  However, I am tired of waking up and saying. “Oh shit Natalie, did you really do that?”  Most of the time it was because of how impressed I was at what I had done.  With my psychic gifts and the angels around me giving me information for myself and for others I need to be clear to receive at all times.  If you drink, you cannot help others.  Your intuition is scrambled and you’re not thinking clearly.  Both good and bad energies can pass through you because you can’t tell the difference when you are not in control and numb.

That is why people who shouldn’t drink behave like complete assholes and crybabies.  They don’t have control of their life already.  They are swallowing down pain and anger so deep they can’t take it anymore.  They get drunk and the bad energies take over.  They say stupid things, get violent, rude, cry, have sex with anyone they can, and do things they will wish they hadn’t.  Then they can pile that on top of the fact they already feel like hell about themselves.  They tell themselves they won’t do that again.

As soon as they feel good, then they feel they can handle the drinking again.  Maybe this time they behave and then justify it.  In their mind they say, “Hey look at me, I learned this time and I really can handle my alcohol.”  Complete delusion!  Maybe they do well a couple of times but the bullshit is still bubbling inside them because they can’t face themselves.  It is just a matter of time before that bad behavior returns.  However, it is time for everyone to face themselves.

Do you know that the number one killer of adults in USA today is?  It is not heart attacks, not cancer, not any disease, it is painkillers.  The saddest thing to watch is that now my life is affected by more people popping pills then alcohol.  We are now living in a country heavily medicated and sedated on painkillers that it is now killing them.  I watched a woman die from pills and now I am watching many, many more in the process of doing it.  It is growing at a fast and shocking rate.

In some cities in Florida there are pain clinics on every block.  The newspapers are filled with hundreds of advertisements saying we prescribe opiates.  They even prescribe drugs that are given to you before a major surgery.  Oxy is synthetic heroin and Adderall is synthetic meth.  These clinics only require you to walk in and pay them money for the visit.  They will then prescribe you 1000’s of pills a month and right there they will hand you the pills.  They are the doctor and the pharmacist.

There are airplane companies that charter flights called the ‘Oxy Express’ flying people down and right back to get their pills.  The plane hits the ground when they return home and now they are dealers selling to support their habit.  Also, you can see more than one doctor because it is not monitored.  These doctors are high paid drug dealers killing our country and our minds to make money.

The drug companies have won the war on drugs.  They managed to take control and create the biggest drug addiction in this country yet.  They have become the largest drug dealers this world has ever seen and they are getting rich off killing you.  Some states 60-70% of the people incarcerated are because of prescription drugs.  I have heard that they are cracking down on this, but we need to stand up as the people and stop believing the lies.  We all support the government when they want to take down drug cartels.  Yet with eyes wide shut, we sit back ignoring the biggest drug cartel, the pharmaceutical companies, and do nothing.

All these pill poppers who can’t face themselves have doctors prescribing medications to them long after they need and create the addiction.  People are going into as many different emergency rooms a day as they can claiming pain to get pills.  In my state they will catch up to you after the 3rd pharmacy in a day and you will go to jail.  Sadly, most states do not monitor it that well.

Painkillers are a highly addictive hell.  Painkillers are a depressant that numbs you completely to everything.  You have absolutely no intuition with those toxic chemicals running through your blood.  They really should be called ‘everything killers’ because they kill everything in your life, not just pain.  People walk around saying they are doing good and feeling good.  Yet, they can’t take a moment of reality without pills and lie about it.  We joke about it by saying she needs a pill or just pop a pill, or she must be off her meds because she is a bitch today.  Society accepts it as NORMAL.

When I was in drug treatment at fifteen years old, I watched two different women come in and go through withdrawals from painkillers.  I told myself I would NEVER put myself through that.  I have tried a few different types of pills during my life.  Honestly, the minute those toxic chemicals go into my blood I went insane wanting to scratch myself from the inside out.  My body does not want it and I hated that feeling.

Furthermore, it is numbing and killing our country literally.  The numbers of people that pop pills overshadow those that drink alcohol.  The drug companies are literally killing us physically and mentally with chemicals.  We do not question it and we have no idea what chemicals are really in them.  Our doctors are sent off on fabulous world vacations, given incentives, bonuses, prizes and a healthy paycheck.  They already make a lot of money.  Sadly, their job is not to help you anymore, but paid to medicate you.  The drug companies pay them more that what they normally make.  Every time you go to the doctor they will prescribe you something.  The worst part of it is, we take it and don’t question it.  99% of the time you can heal it naturally yourself or you do not even need it.  But the doctors don’t tell you that because they will not get paid.

Doctors should be ashamed of themselves for their greed.  Doctors are fully aware they have created an addict.  Now they have to continually up the dosage because the patient becomes immune to it.  One doctor said, “What will we do when they are 70 years old?”  Doctors and parents have our children addicted the minute they say ADHD, ADD, Autism, or uncontrollable.  As I said, Adderall is synthetic meth.  Now our children that we label with all these disorders, whom we can’t control, are taking synthetic meth so we can control them and make our lives easier.  Get them off of it immediately.  You are making them numb and dumb because you can’t handle them.  You sat back doing nothing, made your child a drug addict and feel it is ok because a doctor did it.  You allowed yourself and/or your children to become a drug addict and think it is okay because it is medication.  You are no different than a heroin addict.  What a shame!

The doctors will continue to make the prescription stronger and stronger.  Once it has reached the highest dose they will lie to the patient, cut the amount in half and sell the other half on the street to turn a profit on it.  They are also dealers pushing drugs on the street just like the illegal drug dealers.  They are no better than the drug dealers we point our fingers at.  Do you trust that illegal drug dealer on the street with your life?  Next time you go to the doctor again, remember that is a drug dealer you trust with your life.  I honestly trust the illegal dealer more than a doctor.

The worst thing I see today is our children who parents put on Adderall or synthetic meth. We are labeling and drugging our children for being CHILDREN. These children are told it is normal. So they feel good taking it and when their friends feel bad, they sell them some. For half the children it is ok and half it is illegal. This is a confusing game to them. Now your addicted children are drug dealers too. The teens tell me that all the kids are doing it. They are snorting, smoking, and popping these pills. All because the parent couldn’t handle the monster they created and the doctor wants to make money. Wonderful way for Satan to creep in and destroy the minds of our future leaders. WAKE UP!

So how do we stop this? We educate ourselves about whatever we take and educate others. Strength in numbers! Only the people can change this. We need to stand up for ourselves. It will be impossible if everyone is addicted, numb and don’t want change.

First thing people have to do is heal the pain of facing themselves. Stop hiding and running from it like an alcoholic. Nobody wants to heal themselves. They just find a pill to make it better. Everyone is addicted to something so they can hide from themselves. Addictions can be drugs, alcohol, food, television, internet, porn, lying, shopping, sex, anorexia, bad relationships, religion (many people hid behind this one so they don’t have to face the truth) and that is only to name a few. We find a way to hide it and get a high to cover it. You adapt your body so you don’t have to face it. What you are hiding from is YOURSELF and that is the TRUTH.

USA sat back watching T.V. that provides all the mind numbing reality shows and fear spreading news with complete lies from the media. The media is the true terrorist. We are more interested in what the celebrities do, then paying attention to the fact that while you checked out from reality, the government took away every right you have. These mind controlling things are paid for by more lies called commercials. Commercials fill your head with unrealistic bullshit. Constant food commercials making you want extremely unhealthy foods that make you feel horrible, sick and cause disease. Lawyers that will promise to make you rich for suing anyone for anything because now the FDA has found the horrible side effects. But by the time you settle and pay them, you get nothing. You are the one that got screwed! Last but not least, they have a pill for every problem you are too damn lazy to fix or face yourself. People who do not watch television are not taking a bunch of pills. Your mind and the minds of our children watch this continuously every day. You fill your head with bullshit and enjoy it better than reality. MIND CONTROL! Turn off the television and ditch the pills.

Oh and let’s not forget the big one that causes about 75% of your problems, the addiction to the drug caffeine. There is a coffee shop everywhere you look. Yes, caffeine is a DRUG and your all drug addicts. You cannot point the finger at a meth addict and think you are better when you also have a drug addiction yourself. For some reason because it is legal, then it is accepted. I drank a pot of coffee along with 5-6 Mountain Dews every day for 23 years from the minute I woke, until I went to sleep. I know about this addiction very well. I am fighting the battle with this drug and winning. I now have 1-2 cups of coffee throughout the day and about 2-3 mountain dews a week.

Caffeine takes every problem you have and makes much it worse. It skyrockets your anxiety levels, creates nervousness, intensifies stress, welcomes in worry, causes physical pain, excessive sweating, mood swings, enhances being unbalanced and sleeplessness. Then you sit back and wonder why you can’t handle yourself or anything at all. Now you need a pill to deal with all of that. Here comes the anti-depression pills and anti-anxiety pills. Not to mention the headaches caffeine creates so you need a pill to get rid of that problem too. Caffeine DEHYDRATES you, so now you need something to cover the physical pain of dehydration. Caffeine is a stimulant which creates sleeplessness. So now you need a pill to help you sleep too. You need drugs to bring you up, some to level you out and then a pill to sleep. See how making a choice to quit caffeine could change your life completely? Get control of yourself and get off this shit controlling your life. Are you too lazy to care about yourself and be healthy. Then you wonder why you feel horrible.

Every time you get a headache, sharp pain or your child does not feel good, you run to the cupboard and get the ibuprofen. Once again stuffing unnecessary chemicals into our body and not allowing itself to speak to you. Now you are ignoring your body telling you something is wrong. You are ignoring the fact that a fever is the body’s way of slowing you down so you can fight something. Yes, if things are at a dangerous level it is needed, but 90% of the time you need to let your body speak to you, tell you what it needs and let it heal properly. Yes, these over the counter painkillers are also dangerous. But we listen when they tell you to just take a pill to get rid of whatever is happening to you. Don’t listen to yourself and don’t face what your body needs. Just numb the pain. Real Brilliant!

Another fabulous pill popping scam is vitamins and supplements. Because you are too lazy to eat right, you must take a pill to make up for it. The levels that vitamins contain are toxic. You do not need 200-300% of anything every day. When we take calcium every day, most calcium supplements are actually creating the opposite effect we want. It is destroying our bones. You truly do not know what chemicals they have in that pill. I know people in the medical industry and they say that almost all multi- vitamins come out looking the same way they went in. They do not even dissolve. Just another money making scam. You fell for it and just hand them your cash. You do not need to take supplements every day. Certainly, they have great health benefits, but alternate them and only take them a 2-3 times a week. What you really need is to eat good food. Your body can get all the vitamins it needs if you change your diet and get off these pills because you only want to eat poison. Do your research on the supplements you put into your body please. I sell 100% plant powders on my website. Plants have the natural vitamins and minerals we need. I studied this for six years. There are plants that give you natural energy, natural anti-depressants and natural pain killers.

In the Chinese culture they believe that if you get sick it is the Doctors fault. The doctor should take care of you and catch any problems you have before they start making you sick. As humans we have sat back all drugged up and allowed them to control our minds. We allowed them to brainwash us into thinking that a pill will take care of everything in your life so the drug companies can get rich off your stupidity. Every pill has a side effect that will come later and then you will need a pill to fix that. It becomes a lifetime of covering up one problem after another. It is time for you to WAKE UP. It is time for you to face yourself and what you have done to yourself. It is time to get sober and FEEL your life again. Sure it may be painful, but that is why you have to face it. When you are numb you don’t care or feel the real problems you must face.

The drug companies, insurance companies, and medical companies are all together in this. They hide the truth from you because making you sick and keeping you sick is a multi-trillion dollar business. BUSINESS is all it is. Food companies hold their hand in this also. Your food is poison. They are getting rich by making you sick and keeping you sick. You are letting them and do NOTHING about it. They don’t want you to feel good or be healthy. They want you to keep buying pills and need medical care.

The ‘Big Dogs’ did this to you on purpose so you don’t care or pay attention. You continue to think everything is ok because a doctor told you that you must do it. It is working because you are all addicts, sick and in denial. If I walked up to you and said, “Here eat this rat poisoning. It will make you feel better and heal your illness or mental health.” I guarantee you would all say HELL NO. Yet, you do it every day by taking that pill and eating that horrible processed food containing poisonous chemicals. It is the same thing whether you want to believe it or not. You were just brainwashed into thinking because a doctor gave it to you, everything is okay. 300 tons of confiscated pills a year are being destroyed. Think about how much one pill weighs, then think about that enormous amount. Now you got to think about how many get consumed. Evil just moves in and takes their soul. A slave to chemicals created by man to get rich. Mind blowing to me that humans fell for it.

Take control and remember your mind is the root of all your problems. You can heal cancer and other diseases. You can also prevent it and I will teach you all of that in my next book ‘Naturally Natalie’. I went through the incredible journey of healing my physical self naturally because I care about myself and you. I want you healthy and intelligent. I will teach you how to prevent illnesses and heal them, naturally without a doctor. I will tell you the truth about everything they don’t want you to know. It is shocking! I will teach you how $1 a month will change your life, health and keep you disease free. I explain all this in great detail so you can better understand how everything is poison. Do you really think God left us here without ways to take care of ourselves? NO! You’re brainwashed into believing that. There are natural ways to heal everything and it is time you knew how easy it is.

~The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.- President Richard Nixon

~If you want to understand a society, take a good look at the drugs it uses. And what can this tell you about the American culture? Well, look at the drugs we use. Except for the pharmaceutical poison, there are essentially only two drugs that the western civilization tolerates: Caffeine from Monday to Friday to energize you enough to make you a productive member of society, and alcohol from Friday to Monday to keep you too stupid to figure out the prison you live in. –Bill Hicks

~ Pharmaceutical industry does not create cures, they create customers.

~ The same pharmaceutical company profiting from your suffering rely on doctors making a small fortune to say your “chemically imbalanced”. There is no way to scientifically test for “chemical imbalance ”.

~Symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed, but sacred messengers who encourage us to take better care of ourself.

~The greatest medicine of all is to teach others NOT to need it.

~If you are sick, it’s all in your head. You created your illness through your thoughts and emotions. Positive thoughts create a healthy body. ~ Natalie Newman



Thank you so much for reading. I love you!

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